The forgotten tool for weight loss

When people start on their quest for weight loss most people consider two variables, the start exercising and start to dial in their diet…

Don’t get me wrong that is a GREAT place to start… However, most people don’t consider NEAT…. So, whats NEAT?

Non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) is the energy expended for everything we do that is not sleeping, eating or sports-like exercise. It ranges from the energy expended walking to work, typing, performing yard work, undertaking agricultural tasks and fidgeting.

So how does this fit in with people losing weight…..

adding in an additional amount of NEAT to your day, means more calories expended and that’s a major factor when wanting to lose weight….

For example:

Jane starts to lose weight so she just starts exercising 3 times per week at the gym and expends around 300 calories in a 45 minute session = 900 calories/ week

Jane starts to lose weight so she just starts increasing her steps/ day upto 10,000 per day which might expend around 200 calories per day and may do that 5 x per week = 1000 calories/ week

Now by jane hitting 10000 steps per day and increasing her NEAT, maybe taking the stairs instead of the lift and parking further away at the shop she could potentially expend mores calorie by just walking more daily than going to the gym…

So, am I saying walking is better than the gym?

No, I’m saying people often focus on that hour per day in the gym, than actually trying to be more active and thus expend more energy over a day and week than focusing on the 3 hours you spend in the gym.

An easy way to start increasing your NEAT is using a fitness tracker device, starting by monitoring your average daily steps and simply look to increase over time.

Don’t get caught up with hitting 10k per day, simply focus on doing more, this will ensure losing weight is a much easier process. This also enables you to stay “active” during periods of not being able to attend the gym…..